The Core Analytical Facility offers hands-on access to our major instruments for students, postdocs, and faculty. Each user must be trained by a member of the CAF staff and can only be an instrument user after they have completed training.



The training will explicitly be for users to learn the safe operation of the instrument. It is not intended to provide theory or solve a specific research need. Once training is complete, the user must demonstrate adequate and safe operation of the tool in the presence of CAF staff prior to being granted operator status. Failure to do so will result in re-training. Experienced users can request unrestricted access through current CAF policies.

As with the current policy, all training is done through CAF staff. Power users are faculty who contribute more than 150 paid hours of instrument time each year. Power users can have new users trained with no charge for training.

View our Instrument Training Syllabi & Guides for an outline of what’s covered in the training.

See the Instrumentation Training Statement for more information about the categories of users.

Training Process

To be granted instrument and lab access, users must complete training, return the post-training survey, have an active FBS account, and pay the required training fees.

Step 1: Request & Schedule Training

Complete the Training Request Form.

A CAF staff member will email you to schedule training. A maximum of three emails will be sent before users are removed from the training queue and urged to reapply.

Step 2: Create an Account

Once training has been scheduled, create a new user account in FBS by following the FBS Student Instructions.

Step 3: Create a New Lab (If Needed)

If your advisor has not already created a lab in FBS, please have them do so following the FBS Faculty Instructions.

Step 4. Complete Required Survey

After the training is complete, you will receive a survey about the training experience. Please complete the survey and notify CAF staff once the survey is submitted.

Note: This is a required step.

Training Fees

To help offset the instrument time for training and ensure priority to users that have active research needs, CAF will implement a modest charge for training. The cost of training is a flat fee per user and depends on the tool.

A $75 per hour additional fee applies when staff assistance is required.

JEOL 7000 SEM$200
Thermo Fisher Apreo SEM (existing)$200
Thermo Fisher Apreo SEM (new)$200
Keyence Digital Microscope
Thermo Fisher Talos 200i TEM$250
Thermo Fisher Spectra 300 kV TEM$300
Helios 5 UX FIB$250
Helios 5 Hydra PFIB$250
Tescan Lyra XMU FIB$250
Cameca LEAP 6000 XR$200
Bruker XRD$50
Proto iXRD$50
Rigaku Miniflex XRD$50
Rigaku SmartLab XRD$50